Saturday, March 29, 2014

Palawan in lieu of Prom

After graduation, AJ immediately flew to Palawan to attend a wedding and family vacation. He went for the adventures of Palawan instead of the memories of prom. Palawan sure is a wonderful place to enjoy summer. With the refreshing ambiance, finest white sand and clear blue water, who wouldn't be relaxed? :D

Photography by AJ and Precious Uy
Let's head over to the activities that you can do in the place. Firstly you can enjoy the beach privately since there are no people. You can swim in the crystal clear water and you would see the fishes and corals. The family also enjoyed visiting the underground river which is considered as a world heritage site! :D

Friday, March 28, 2014

Royal Prom Party

What's next in queue after graduation ceremony? Prom party it is! Our grad ball's theme was royal and majesty! It happened from a not-so-far place called Sofitel, specifically in Luzon ballroom! The location was jam-packed with almost 300 plus people! A cotillion dance number was performed to open the majestic ball and it was followed by a prayer before we were allowed to enjoy the grand buffet! Allow us to give you a tour to our royal prom party! :D

Photography by Sabin
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

A song number and dance number was performed by our talented batchmates whilst we were enjoying the delectable food of the majestic night! The committees prepared some games for us to play and get a chance to win prizes! There was also a raffle wherein they gave away cash, gift certificates and Fujifilm instax as luxurious prizes! :D

Waiting for the coronation? Keep calm and here's the crowning revelation! Congratulations to Prom duke Lawrence Ngo, Prom duchess Centaine Sysu, Prom prince Erjohn So, Prom princess Anna Lim, Prom king Josh Cua and Prom queen Abigail Gan! :D

Since the prom royalties already started the cotillion dancing then why not ask everyone to join? There were a lot of really cute couples spotted during this moment and they danced all night to the best song ever! :D

Random photographs before we say farewell from one another! We also did some pictorial to flaunt our prom outfits! xD

We were a little late and therefore we didn't make it to enjoy the portrait photobooth! Prom photobooth was gone too fast, thus we used our gadget to improvise! Thanks to timer setting of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1! Hahaha! xD
Ending this blog post with our extremely awesome elevator selfie! Our friends were doubtful to get in at first because the elevator was almost full but apparently nothing's gonna stop us now! The clicking of the capture button and opening of the elevator happened at the same time! Hahaha! That's all our photos for now, hoping to share you some more if we could borrow the pictures from the pro photographers! Thanks to everyone who made this night utterly worth remembering!