Friday, April 17, 2015

Surprise Neon Party

Photography by Kiwi and Angelique
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS and Canon EOS 700D

Enchanted Kingdom Escapade

So after a series of plan making, we've finally came to a conclusion of going to Enchanted Kingdom in lieu of celebrating Bianca's 18th birthday at a beach or a private pool resort! Since it's a weekday, the theme park wasn't thronged at all! We got the chance to try the same rides twice or trice without waiting in a long queue! Before we even started, we ensured to ride all we can to make sure that our trip to Laguna and our EK experience is worth it! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS and Olympus Tough TG630

Starting from Dodgem, where we all decided to conspire to batter the birthday girl with our bump cars. Then we moved to Up, Up, And Away, where me and my friend, Legs randomly talked about politics because we were bored and left in another balloon away from them. After that, we decided to try out the Ekstreme tower to test our bravery, because I’m pretty sure it will leave us scared for life. I mean who wouldn’t get frightened or have their heart raced when you’re suddenly dropped from a high tower? Thankfully, we didn’t piss in our pants. xD

Moving on, Roller Skaters was the next thing we tried, nothing much about there. It was quite disappointing as it didn’t give us much thrill as the ones we’ve tried before. Anchors away was the next ride, it was enjoyable because I got to scream like a little girl, while Sab, my other friend was praying for his life to be spared. It was very hot that time so we decided to cool ourselves at the Swan Lake. In which, we get to squirt water to each other. And then we rode the Wheel of Fate to unwind ourselves with the breath-taking views of the whole amusement park.  :D

From the top of Wheel of Fate, we were able to witness the ride Rio Grande in which we decided to ride next. Now this ride is our favorite ride among the rest because we can enjoy it as a group. We actually even rode there three times and we filmed everything. Initially, we were still dry and then my friend, AJ got the first taste of the dirty water. It was followed by Legs and ended by everyone getting wet.  We were so wet after that we tried to dry ourselves at the Flying Fiesta by swinging in the mid-air whilst some of my friends had fun screaming "walang forever", which means “there’s no forever” because there were a lot of couples around there. xD

The last thing we rode was the Carousel wherein we had such a relaxing time. It was already about 7pm when we decided to go to Angelique’s house for the night party. Before we even jump there, we just want to thank Bianca for the super awesome EK experience! Thank you for the treat and thank you for the awesome time! Our trip to Enchanted Kingdom was quite nostalgic since we actually went there last 2012! Yas! It's like 3 years already! Anyways, feel free to watch our experience in action through our vlog! :D