Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yakimix Favorites

All of us have our own favorite buffet places but sometimes we have a tight budget, then we should go for something that we can afford! Yakimix surely is affordable with its price half of Buffet 101's, but the cuisine variety is also half because Yakimix only cater Japanese, Korean and Chinese cuisine. If you love pasta, then you'll have to do a little sacrifice! They have pizza though! Hahaha!

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS

So if you're going to ask us what's our favorite in Yakimix, it'll have to be their desserts! They have a lot of sliced cakes for you to try! A tiny slice in a little plate just for you to taste it, and if you love it then feel free to go back for more!

Here's something fun! Yakimix has a smokeless grill per table! You can actually cook your own food or heat it! Another major favorite of ours is the crab with yellow cream! Not sure of it's name but it has random seafood inside it and it tastes really good! When you see it, make sure to grab it fast before it's too late and it's gone! Their cream sweet corn chicken soup is also good! xD
That's pretty much it about our favorites in Yakimix! What's your favorite in Yakimix? And what's your favorite buffet resto! Tell us about it! By the way just in case you still have no idea how much is their rate, it's 499PHP during lunch,  599PHP during dinner and 649PHP during weekends! Hahaha! xD

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Catching Fire Movie Review

Are you joining the revolution? This movie review contains some spoilers so don't continue reading if you hate spoilers! "We have never seen anything like this, and we will never see anything like it again." as Caesar said. After the 74th Hunger Games, something changed. Hope began rising, Katniss Everdeen became a symbol of hope thus President Snow became anxious about it and wanted to kill Katniss. Another reason why Snow is immensely raged of Katniss is because he's not convinced with Katniss' love for Peeta even after the scripted proposal. Everything will be different because it's a quarter quell.

Pictures from our instagram
There were more sweet and funny scenes in Catching Fire compared to the first movie plus the fashion wardrobe is more fabulous and out of this world! President Snow and the new head game maker Plutarch Heavensbee have concluded to put existing victors to the 75th hunger games. Katniss is the only female victor of District 12 that's why she's surely going to fight in the game. Peeta volunteered himself to save Haymitch. Haymitch said there are no victors in the Hunger Games, just survivors and now their lives are in threat again. While on their way to the Capitol, Effie gave them a golden accessory each which will symbolize that they're a team. Last game was all about staying alive, this time it's all about knowing who your real enemies are. Tributes ensure their survival by having allies watch their back in the arena and Katniss chose Finnick and Meggy from District 4. There were some things in the game that have symbolism, you may think that it doesn't make sense but in the end you'll find out and realize it. The arena was designed like a clock and when the clock strikes at midnight, a lightning will surge in a huge tree which means a particular disaster will occur.

Favorite scene would have to be Peeta saying to Katniss that when he dies, it's okay because no one needs him and Katniss can't die because her family needs her then Katniss said she needs him and she kissed him. To make the story short, Katniss destroyed the invisible forcefield barrier with her arrow connected to the lightning tree with a wire. She was almost dead when recovered and when she woke up, she discovered Haymitch, Finnick and Plutarch talking about their plan. Plutarch the new head game maker revealed to be on the side of rebellion. Katniss raged and attacked Haymitch because Peeta was captured by the Capitol. The syringe that Katniss took as she woke up was used to her when she attacked Haymitch. As she awakens, Gale was beside her and she instantly asked about her mother and Prim. Gale said he got them out in time before the District 12 was firebombed out of existence. Jennifer Lawrence is undisputedly a great actress, the last seconds of the movie was just her face with bursting emotions! Many said the movie was cliff-hanging. what are your thoughts about it? Share it on the comment section! :D

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Opening of G's Cafe

Have an overzealous love for coffee and car accessories? Then G's Cafe x Gears is the perfect place you're looking for! The two-in-one shop opens along Banawe Street, specifically located at 802 Banawe St. Brgy. Siena 1114 Quezon City. G's Cafe also cater different variants such as teas, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta, rice meals and all that good snacks. Their price rate is almost the same with Starbucks particularly in the coffee line. The interior is pretty awesome with its cozy vibe, like you can use the place for music video or movie filming. Keep reading to check out their opening promos! :D

Photography by G's Cafe
“We wanted a venue where car enthusiasts could hang out and share their common interest. We couldn't find anything that fit the bill so we decided to open one. What makes us unique is that our shops belong to different categories, a showroom and a coffee shop. Some might think it is kinda odd. But in fact they complement each other.” said the owner Nixon Lee.
“We plan to invite auto club members to come and have their meetings here. We hope to be a matchmaker and look for suppliers willing to sponsor their meetings. In return, we will give the supplier time to present their product lines. Auto club members can also benefit from promos and discounts.” they said.
What do you guys think of this awesome hangout place? It's a great venue for reunions and relationship dates! Check out their other promos HERE! :D