Monday, October 28, 2013

Semester Break Party

This year's semestral break is too short for us to enjoy that we had to pitch the party earlier! So just like last year, we played water gun and balloon fight albeit water balloons were seemingly more essential this time! The water balloon hitting wasn't that painful, you can still handle the tiny touch of it and forget about it because you're having too much fun! Pretty much like a stoic! Haha! We also invited more close friends for us to enjoy partying with, the more the merrier right? Scroll down to see more of what we did during the party! :D

Photography by Kiwi and Sabin
Camera used were Canon EOS 60D and Olympus Tough TG630

We also planned to swim but the barangay election non-working holiday killed it! Well, we had to ensure that we'll keep seizing the day that's why we moved to the next game! Angelique also came out of the blue which made us ecstatic! xD

We went to the next game which is picnicking! All thanks to Dana for the pizzas and mojos from Shakey's! We also played truth or dare during the picnic wherein we had so much fun! Hahaha! Then we finished the party by having an impromptu photoshoot! We'll share just a little glimpse of the pictorial! xD
This is our last high school semester break and we're still not ready to face college! But in lieu of fretting over it, we're having the best of our life as teenagers, high school students and most prominently, as friends!