Sunday, May 26, 2013

Feel The Warmth at Fairmont

FTW at Fairmont Makati! Part two of Minions Spectrum Dinner! Hanging out with Queen, Clara, Tintin, Rona, Lance, Enzo and Edward was so much fun! Too bad Celebi missed her surprise date! Beware of photo spam! Haha! xD

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS

There's a lot of improvements in Spectrum, or is it just different during lunch? More food and services! There's even an outdoor barbecue griller! :D
First time to meet the very adorable niece of Queen! Hi BEE!
Also bumped into CamilleCarla and Sean! So happy to see them! :D

Surprise date arrived! Hello Chris Banchero! Thank you so much for having your time with us and the gifts you gave us!

Stalker & paparazzi photos of Chris Banchero! Super Zayn Malik look alike! xD
Do you know Chris? He's the brother of Zayn Malik! Hahaha! Just kidding! He's a basketball heartthrob who plays for San Miguel Beermen and Asia Basketball League! Let's all support the very humble basketball hunk Chris Banchero
Everyone was smiling because of BEE! Such a cute baby! :D

Group photo by Queen Joyce Ramirez! Thank you so much! 

Happy birthday Lance Julian! I'm giving all these desserts for you! xD

Pictures in our hotel party! Hahaha! Bonding and a little photoshoot! xD
Saving the best for the last! The one that missed her date! 
Thank you so much Queen Joyce Ramirez and Fairmont Makati