Saturday, August 31, 2013

Make an Oreo Cheesecake

If you're a reader of our blog then you've prolly noticed that we've been eating a lot! Hahaha! Today we're going to share you guys a dessert recipe! We had this on our wrong weather day and movie marathon as our snack! Jeni has been trying to master her Oreo topfencreme tortchen recipe and that's why we have it once in a while! By the way, there's no baking here thus it's very convenient to do! You only have to freeze the cake to build it's stability! ;)

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D
Ingredients you'll be needing are bar of butter and cream cheese, tetra pak or can of cream, plentiful of Oreos and a flavored gelatin powder. Kitchen tools you'll be using are parchment papers, mortar and pestle and a baking pan! :3

Initially, you have to remove the cream of the Oreo cookies. Separate them from each other and it doesn't matter if it's perfect or not because you'll crush the Oreo cookies later on. Once you're done grab the mortar and pestle, then start crushing the Oreo cookies! It's for the base of the cake! :D

If you're done crushing all the Oreo cookies then let's move to the next step! Melt a half bar of butter and add it to the crushed Oreo cookies. This will make the crushed Oreo cookies (base) stick together and be stable once frozen. :D

Don't know if this is optional but we added a parchment paper just to make it easier to remove the cake on the baking pan once it's ready because the past Oreo cheesecakes made by Jeni doesn't have a parchment paper therefore it was very enigmatic to get the cake! Let's see if it will work! Hahaha! xD

Once you've layered the crushed Oreo cookies as base on the pan then let's work with the next layer! This is actually another trial, adding a fruit flavored gelatin on our Oreo cheesecake! The gelatin we used was flavorless and that's why we added a fruit flavored juice powder. Nothing else will complement the sweetness of Oreo cheesecake than strawberry! If you want to try other flavors then it's your decision! You can also use a flavored gelatin if you want! xD
Just add a thin layer of gelatin so that the taste of it will not overpower the whole taste of the cake. If there's extra gelatin then why not add your favorite (sliced) fruits on it and eat it on another day? Maximize the use of one thing! :D

Now grab the bar of cream cheese and tetra pak of cream! Mix them together by using a mixer or a blender! Add sugar for more sweetness if desired! :D

We need the help of technology for faster and finer production! Pour the cream cheese on the pan! Use a spatula to level and make the last layer smooth. And the fun part is here! Decorating your Oreo cheesecake! You may add Oreo cookies and the crushed form of it! Be creative as possible as you can! :D

Making an Oreo cheesecake takes a lot of time and you still have to wait after all the hardship! Yes, you still have to put it on the freezer for 5 hours! The cream cheese has to be frozen! Who wants to eat an Oreo cheesecake without freezing it? It's a very tedious activity so make sure you're patient enough to wait for it! Go watch a movie and eat something that is available afterwards! ;)
Share us some easy or hard recipes that you want us to try next! xD
We got this recipe from My Mom-Friday! Check it out here! :D

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Break at Zark's Burger

We have this notion that if there's any academically related outing such as school clubs or tests, we have to ensure that we'll also getaway and seize the day afterwards and that's why we tried out Zark's Burger at Taft Ave. The branch is subtle and neat albeit it doesn't have ample amount of space for people to seat that we had to wait because it's too congested inside. Is it worth waiting? Definitely yes if you have an overzealous love for food! Haha! xD

Photography by Stef and Monica
One thing that you should never forget to try is Zark's Ultimate Burger! It's exquisite taste and tenderness will substantially fulfill your cravings for a cheeseburger with bacon! It only costs 135php and you only have to add 20php for fries and drinks! And it's not that oily than what you think. :D
Guilty pleasure it is! Don't eat fatty food too often! Hahaha! xD
Comment and share us some restaurant you want us to try next! :D