Saturday, January 24, 2015

The 1975 Concert

My friend, Tiffany and I met at Mall of Asia an hour before we headed to the event location which is the MOA Arena. We made some catching up by eating dinner together and chitchatting about college stuff. :D
I expected that the entrance for the arena would be hectic and that there would be a lot of people screaming but it was actually a little less crowded than we thought; maybe because we arrived half an hour earlier. When we were finally  inside, we instantaneously searched the area where our seats were located. I actually didn't know where our seats are located because I wasn't the one who bought the tickets and everything. Later on, I found out that our seats were at the front row of the Patron section, which was just a few feet from the VIP section and the actual stage where the band will be performing. I was beyond excited since this was my first legit concert! 
The concert was expected to start at 8:00pm but that didn’t go as planned. It took about 45 minutes to an hour before the band appeared on stage. It wasn’t boring though because upon arriving at the arena, there was already a DJ playing some remixes of songs whilst the concert goers were searching for their seats.
When we noticed that people were already filling up the front row of the VIP section even though they were not part of it, we decided to go there as well because it had a better view. The chairs lined up were no longer for sitting when the band appeared. Everyone, including my friend and I, stepped on the chair to have a better view! xD
1. The City 
2. Milk 
3. M.O.N.E.Y. 
4. So Far (It's Alright) 
5. She Way Out 
6. An Encounter 
7. Settle Down 
8. Heart Out 
9. Pressure 
10. Me 
11. fallingforyou 
12. You 
13. HNSCC 
14. Menswear 
15. Girls 
This is the first part of the list of songs that they performed. When they finished singing their hit “Girls”, Matty quickly said “Bye” and the band disappeared to the backstage. I already searched the internet for their set list beforehand so I knew that they had an encore performance. Although, a lot of people around us where doubting if they’re coming back to the stage because they didn’t know about the encore performance. It took a few minutes before the band went back to the stage again but before they did, fans started screaming “We want more!”  It became louder and louder until everyone was saying it. Just when my friend and I decided to join them in shouting those words, it changed. It became “We want ‘Sex’!” pertaining to another of their hit songs called “Sex”.
16. Is There Somebody Who Can Watch You 
17. Medicine 
18. Robbers 
19. Chocolate 
20. Sex 
It ended with each of the band member throwing things for the crowd to catch. Namely, drumsticks and guitar picks.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Random January Vlogs

Some random video diaries this month! We actually only have two! We started making vlogs so that when we get older, we can go back to the past and reminisce all the crazy and fun things that we did! Enjoy watching! :D

Hair Dye All You Can - January 7, 2015
We spent the whole afternoon playing table tennis and having our hair dyed. We're that crazy kids who wanted to dye our hair for so long but we can't due to high school policies! And now that we're in college, no one can stop us anymore! Hahaha! Bianca decided to have red highlights, Kiwi went for a dark brown, and AJ wanted a blue hair! Unfortunately, AJ's hair didn't turned out to be blue. It became dark brown instead! What do you expect from a cheap hair dye? Haha! Nothing to worry about because we might redo his hair this Friday or next week! :D

Sporty Saturday - January 17, 2015
We actually did not decide to film today but we had our camera ready for blog purposes. We brought it to take pictures of what we got in our makeup shopping haul! Initially, we watched a movie entitled Oldboy. It's a very crazy movie. You need to watch it if you love twists and mysteries! And then we played Patintero, a Filipino traditional game wherein you need to block the person who's trying to run until the end or finish line. We also played other unnamed games because AJ brought a tennis ball! And then we played Monopoly Deal afterwards! :D

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Makeup Shopping Haul

What's up you guys! Today we're going to show you what we got during our makeup hunt! Yes, we shopped from different brands, stores and malls! Primarily, everything we purchased were from SM Department Stores. And we got a few stuffs from Tutuban Mall, HBC Outlet to be exact. Some of these products are still new to us which means we haven't tried them before. And the rest are very familiar and trusted by us hence we repurchased! You'll know what trusty products we will recommend or suggest as you continue reading below! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS

Ever Bilena Advance BB Compact Powder - 250php
We were supposed to get a powder but Jennifer's mom got this for her! Lucky daughter! Hahaha! xD

Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Foundation Stick - 195php
Here's the foundation that was also included in our last haul! We wouldn't repurchase if we don't like this product! xD

Sansan HD Liquid Foundation Olive - 205php
This is something not in our list but we tested it and loved the performance of this foundation! xD

Sansan Eyeshadow Warm Copper Fire - 63php
Something for the eyes but we purchased this for contouring purposes! It can also be used for the eyebrows! :D

Sansan Pressed Powder #03 - 110php
Kiwi's powder is already hitting the pan! Replacement time! This powder is super pigmented but it doesn't last long.

Sansan Blending Sponge - 70php
Dupe for the beauty blender? Their performance is probably not the same, but the beauty blender's price is about 12 times the price of this affordable sponge. You'll definitely go with this one if you're a cheapskate! xD

Allue Mini Eyelash Curler - 56php
The cheapest thing we got in this haul! Check out this video if you want to see how it works plus mini review! :D

Nichido 24 Hour Tattoo Effect Eyeliner Pen - 238php 
Another first! We haven't tried a pen eyeliner before! The last one we owned was a liquid eyeliner from Shawill! :D

Fashion 21 Color Set Eyeshadow Palette - 395php
Favorite palette ever! It has shimmery and matte eyeshadows! You can use some of the matte shades as an eyebrow powder or contour powder! The price of their eyebrow compact is almost the same with this palette! xD

Dove Foaming Makeup Remover - 350php
A gift from Bianca! She got several products from Dove and she shared it with us! Yay! :D
That's it for this beauty haul! Thank you so much for reading! Let us know if you want us to review anything! :D
We filmed this video in the balcony and unfortunately, outside Jennifer's house is a construction and a road full of vehicles. Sorry for the unnecessary background noise. We were watching 21 Jump Street before we started filming. That's why we copied the lunch bag of Jenko and Schmidt for the thumbnail of this video! We also used the paper bags that we got from HBC. We purchased more than what we expected that's why we got two bags! We restarted the movie and finished watching it afterwards! Enough of this too much information! Ending this blog post for reals! xD

Friday, January 9, 2015

Paeng's Midtown Bowling

Friday afternoon when we decided to visit Robinsons Place Manila for a bowling game! Paeng's Midtown Bowl and Billiard Room is located at the second level of RP or Rob. A game costed us 90php each because there was a student discount, but sans school ID it would  be 120php per person. The incumbent personnel will also require you to wear a pair of bowling shoes or else you will not be allowed to play. You don't have to worry because they have shoe rentals ready for their customers! They have two options for their shoe rental, the regular (35php) one and the premium (50php) one. Oh, and sorry if the photos are't the highest quality! We only used a phone or iTouch! xD

Photos from Lhera's iTouch
Paeng's Midtown Bowl & Billiard Room is owned by the multi-awarded Filipino bowler Paeng Nepomuceno, hence the starting name Paeng's. The bowling place was only visited by few people today thus there weren't any hassle on getting a lane and starting a game. There can be multiple players in one game but we were only a group of five! The game took about an hour to finish! And the victor was Bianca! Yay! Can't wait to play again next time! The price for everything is totally worth it for the experience! We can ensure that this isn't the last time we'll be here to bowl! :D