Saturday, February 22, 2014

Hello Kitty Around The World

What's up guys! So we received a package loaded with cute surprises last Wednesday! Perks of handling this blog huh? We wanted to share these perks to you but the sender insisted us to keep the special collection! Don't worry because there's always a next time! It was actually the first package to be ever sent to us! Achievement? Haha! Thank you so much for the hefty package Hello Kitty Philippines! Hello Kitty brings you closer to iconic sights from popular international destinations with new merchandise from Hello Kitty around the World! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D
Now, you don’t even have to set a single foot outside the country to have a full globe-trotting experience as Hello Kitty brings you along with her as she travels to famous landmarks and cultural sights from all around the world with their new collection: Hello Kitty Around The World!
Cute and adorable merchandise will give you the distinct feeling of transporting away into a different country as Hello Kitty dresses up in various national costumes from European, American, and Asian destinations such as Paris, Italy, London, Japan, New York, Germany, etc.  Plus, Hello Kitty visits popular tourism sights such as the Buckingham Palace in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the famous canals and gondolas in Venice, Italy, among others.
Avid collectors and fans of Sanrio® are sure to have the time of their life as they can choose from a variety of items such as plush dolls, tumblers, mugs, stainless tumblers, bag tags, pins, refrigerator magnets, eco bags, and water bottles – all adorned with original Hello Kitty Around The World designs! Thumbs up if you're a collector! :D
We got pairs of ceramic tumblers, luggage tags, coasters and Hello Kitty plush toys! We also got a planner/diary which was the favorite of the girls! Once again, thank you so much Hello Kitty Philippines for these cute gifts! :D
Here are the other stuffs from the special collection! They also have pins in case you noticed it in the first picture of this blog post! Lanz got the pins from Toy Kingdom when he bought a PS3 controller before our dinner at Pepper Lunch! :D
Hello Kitty: Around The World is a glimpse and illustration of Hello Kitty’s worldwide appeal by having Hello Kitty with her family & friends go to different scenic locations in London, New York, Italy, Russia, Germany, and Paris. This also shows how adaptable Hello Kitty is with any type of culture with her cute Globetrotter image that kids of all ages and in all parts of the world will love and appreciate. To know more, follow HK on Twitter and Instagram at @imHelloKittyPH!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's With Buddies

TGIF! We decided to eat out after classes and we initially wanted to try CUPPS, but then the beverage store was full. People were prolly too festive, they occupied everything that has space. We presumed that Lucky Chinatown Mall will also be congested by our schoolmates so we went to Tutuban Mall instead. We had our early dinner at KFC! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used were Canon SX50 HS and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The night out continues as we chilled together whilst watching the moon with some nostalgic music! The moon was seemingly full and bright! For some reason, the moon was yellowish. Did anyone used it as a romantic prop?  :D
The date (2-14-2014) is awesome! What did you do this Valentine's Day? Flowers and chocolates for your love one? Or single and forever alone this day? You don't have to be in a romantic relationship to celebrate Valentine's Day! Friendship is a prominent key to build relationship therefore you should keep your friends close to you! 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Latest Layout

Just an update of our latest blog layout! So we're just keeping it low-key but original! Not so fancy because simplicity has its own beauty. Scroll down to see the minor changes that we did to refresh our domain! :D

Our old template is free from Deluxe Templates and the template name is Borough layout! It's just a simple layout and the header was our favorite part of it because it has a random street colored sketch with a welcome sign in it! :D

Our blog description changed as well! Our last one was "We became a group accidentally! Sharing our photography, adventures, fashion, cosplay, travel, music, food, pets and art!" and it is now "We became a group accidentally and evolved as a family. A journey of camaraderie wherein we'll be sharing awesome adventures together and random stuffs that we consider fun and interesting! A blog journal infused with articles about fashion, food, travel and pretty much everything in between."! ♥

And here's our new header! It was drawn by a friend of ours, Richelle Ngo! She's also with us on our first blog post ever! We were bored by our own layout after a year of running it thus we wanted to have a new one! We also wanted to make our blog more personal and original and thereby we paid for a better header! :D
Categories is now more organized compared before with more than 20 random selections! It is still in our side bar though, we want it to be located below our header but it is not an available gadget in Blogger which means we'll have to hire a layout artist to edit the html codes. But the good news is, we can finally reply to comments! We couldn't post a reply back then since it wasn't available with the free template. Leave a comment and we promise to reply! :D


We haven't gotten a new display photo yet but we will definitely get one soon! We'll update this blog post once it's ready! We will definitely make this layout change an annual tradition therefore no one will get bored of our blog layout! :D

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Electrifying Famous Couples

Here we will be sharing some known couples that prove true love still exist! You may know them already but what we will share here is their love stories! Yup, we're going to summarize each couple's love story! :D

Alex and Sierra

Our number one favorite couple! If you don't know them, please do watch their X Factor audition! You will utterly fall in love with them! Sierra met Alex on the beach of Daytona whilst he was singing "I'm Yours" of Jason Mraz in the back of his truck! They are studying the same course and in the same school! They met each other back in 2009 and officially had a relationship in 2011! Last year they joined X Factor USA Season 3 and their authenticity and chemistry paved their way to top 3! They're so original, they make each song their own every week! You should definitely check out their version of Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble"! They're also very organic, Alex can play the guitar and Sierra can play the Piano! And yes, they won the competition! Can't wait for them to release their first album! 

Wendy and Mike

Here's a couple that we salute for making it despite of crazy circumstances! Wendy or more known as Xiaxue is a multi-awarded blogger from Singapore! They met each other through internet! Mike was a geek engineer-to-be back then and he randomly saw Xiaxue's blog in August 2005. It was love at first sight, even if it was just photos of a girl far away from him because he lives in United States of America! He sent an email to Xiaxue and luckily got a respond from her! The internet love began and Xiaxue added Mike on MSN. They shared stories of their daily life through MSN and it went very complicated because Xiaxue doesn't have high self-esteem and thinks no man would be that enthralled by her thus she cut the chatting with Mike. They continued their lives and dated others but they went chatting again, this time with more affection. Mike told Xiaxue that he'll visit her in Singapore. So Mike went to Singapore in May 2006 and lived with Xiaxue for a week! The night before Mike flew back, he asked Xiaxue to be her girlfriend and she accepted it! After 2 months of being apart, Xiaxue decided to visit Mike so she bought a ticket to USA! They spent all their cash because of travelling! Until Mike graduated in February 2007, he decided to live with Xiaxue in SG and leave his parents! He sacrificed a lot just for him to be with his dream girl! They got married in 2010, and Xiaxue gave birth to a baby boy named Dash in 2013! Making the story short, if you want to read the whole details then read Xiaxue's blog post about it! 

Judy and Benji

We couldn't find their love story anywhere, tell us if you know! But in case you don't know them, they're full time vloggers on Youtube! They document their daily life and share their living to their viewers! Judy makes beauty videos and Benji makes food videos! They also have a daughter named Julianna and she's the star in Judy's motherhood channel! Judy is currently pregnant with twin girls! Aren't you excited for more casts in their reality vlogs? 

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney
The couple met because Taylor played a role in Gaga's music video "You and I" in July 2011. They started dating in August of the same year. Rumor has it that they broke up while Gaga was on her BTW world tour but it was proven wrong when Taylor visited her in Thailand and followed her in Singapore and Australia. They treat each other so well and they're always caught very romantic! They were even caught buying tickets in a public movie theater! 

Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult
Yes! They're so back together! The girl on fire and the warm bodied zombie have a relationship! They started dating in 2011 after working together in X-Men: First Class, but they broke up in January 2013. They reunited and went back to each other 6 months later in July 2013, after filming their movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past! They were also caught having a selfie and kissing in the Golden Globes 2014 which means their romantic relationship is deep and public! 

Michelle Phan and Dominique Capraro
Two love birds that were connected in Paris! Michelle Phan is a famous beauty guru on Youtube and Dominique was a fashion model based in Paris. They first met in February 14 of 2011 in New York, they were just friends eating together back then. Their relationship status went to the next level as Michelle invited Dom to be part of her video which was posted in February 14 of 2012! It's a continuation of a advertisement series of Lancome where it took place in Paris! It's a long distance relationship at first but Dom moved to Los Angeles to be with Michelle! 

We do not own any of these photos! It's all from the world wide web! Credits and kudos to photographers and owners! We might have missed your favorite couple so please do tell us who's your favorite famous couple! :3

Saturday, February 1, 2014

CNY at Star City

Weekend is a little bit longer because of the Chinese New Year celebration! Going to Star City wasn't a last minute decision because we've planned about it last December! We also went for the 50% off promo! No need to wear red to avail the promo this year! You just need to present the coupon that they distributed! Went there at 12PM via FX located at Lucky Chinatown Mall and reached the place at 1PM! FX is more expensive than jeepney or LRT but it's more comfortable because it has an aircon plus they don't make the car full to the point that you're squeezing one another! Okay so back to the topic you may now start scrolling to witness our fun adventure! xD

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

About 1:30PM they already opened the gates and we purchased our ride-all-you-can passes! Chinese New Year promo was such a great deal, from 420PHP to 210PHP! We went very early so there were only few people when we entered! Early birds get to try the awesome rides first! Totally digging the convenient bag locker where you put your stuffs before riding! We actually rushed to outdoor rides because we knew that it will rain and Star City stops the fun when it rains for safety purposes. Then the rain hits, we were next in queue but they stopped the roller coaster! After the long wait, we decided to get some snacks because walking around and waiting in line will absolutely make you starve! xD

Since we had a heavy snack earlier, we didn't forced ourselves riding extreme rides because we might puke rainbow whilst on the ride! The line in Jungle Splash takes forever for you to take your turn, as you can see on the photo below the sun was still up when we started get into the line and only got to ride when the sun has already set. Our favorite ride in Star City is the bump car! It's because you can control it and you can interact with your friends at the same time! :D
What's your favorite ride in Star City? It was inconceivable that the place wasn't that congested! There were Korean tourists and local school field trip earlier but still the place is very capacious! Others prolly went to Enchanted Kingdom or went malling instead! It's so confusing that the new year of Chinese and Vietnamese are the same! So to make it fair and square, we're greeting everyone a Happy Lunar New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi! Lam Dep An Tet! :D