Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Highlights of Year 2014

Year 2014 is about to end and to summarize everything that happened this year, here will be a list of special events or highlights of our 2014! It has been a great year for us. Initially, we graduated from high school last March! Albeit we separated paths through going to different colleges or schools, we still managed to converge and meet up every once in a while! It's also time to reflect on your year as well! How was your year 2014? Well, here's our favorite events:

Feel free to click the titles next to each numbers if you want to see more pictures and read more details about a particular event! These collage photos are from our instagram account, please do follow us if you haven't yet! You'll get the perks of being first to see everything that we do! Thank you so much for reading! Hoping you guys a Happy New Year this 2015! More special moments and memories to come! Another year, another adventure! ;D

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Giving Thanks to GIF Artists

Something different about our blog is that we start and end a blog post with a GIF photo. GIF photos are animated graphic image that moves. It has two to three or more pictures combined together to make it look like it's moving. We're using GIF photos to make our blog posts more creative and cute! We do grab them on the world wide web, mostly on deviantart. We don't pay for them and this is our only way to pay back and thank all the GIF artists! :D

5. ditto9

In case we used your GIF art and we missed including you here, please do message us on our facebook page or email (tentakustreet@yahoo.com) us so that we could essentially show our appreciation! And if we can't use your art, please do tell us and we'll remove it right away. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome arts! 

Friday, December 26, 2014

Annual New Domain Design Fail

Hey guys! This will be a quick post regarding our domain design! As we've mentioned earlier this year, we planned to make an annual header and layout change. But since we don't really earn from blogging, we decided not to splurge so much money for something unnecessary. Yes, we do earn from blogging. We only earn through Nuffnang ads and we only earned a measly amount of money after 2 years of blogging! That's why we never even bothered to cashout the money that we have from Nuffnang. 20 php will be deducted to the total earning upon cashout. >.<
Kind of humiliating to disclose how much we earned from blogging! Well, we didn't really planned to make blogging as a living or source of income. We just wanted to collect and share our special moments and memories here! :D
Our current header was commissioned for 1000php! And another header art would probably cost another grand. Since four of us are art students, we will eventually learn how to make one. Just wait for about another year or two. We will draw and make one of our own header and layout design! For now, sit back and relax. You'll see more upgrades in the future! Sorry for the delay! Thank you for always sticking with us! See you on our next blog entry! :D

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Christmas Party All Night

Our Christmas party is scheduled today! Or maybe tonight? Had to schedule it at night so that nothing could get in our way. The traffic is not that crazy at all, it did not hinder us from partying! Our location is just next to Robinson's Place Manila ergo we went there first to purchase all the party food! We bought four boxes of pizzas, a dozen of doughnuts, some bags of chips and gigantic bottles of carbonated drinks. We also have some breads from BreadTalk just in case our food will not be sufficient for us. It's better to have excess than lack something later! ;)

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 1100D
Some of us went for a swim in spite of the cold season! They also had a water balloon fight but we forgot to capture the moment! It was also dangerous to photograph because of the slippery wet floor and intense water balloon war! xD
The chitchat started to begin after having our group photos! We talked about college life, people and more! We updated each other about what's happening! We were also joking and making fun of each other! Laughter was heard and fun was felt during this time! Those who were swimming also decided to join the fun! It also got windy and colder therefore they had to change. We played dare games afterwards! We copied some I Dare You challenges on YouTube! We got some nasty stuffs for our dare game as well! We have a Tabasco hot sauce and an Atomic Fireball candy! xD

Changed location from 17th floor to 4th floor! Raindrop falls from time to time. We actually expected rain because the cloud was dark before the sun settled down. Good thing it didn't rain or else our party could have been a tragedy. The place is quite dark hence we used flash to capture everything! Poor eyes of ours! Let's go back to the dare games! We continued playing dare games by spinning the bottle! All of us got our turns and dares, albeit the others were dared more than twice! Finally, we had our last batch of group photos of the night! We had to be home before 12mn because we're as fab as Cinderella! Haha! Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you guys are having an awesome holiday break! :D