Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ozine Fest 2014 Day 3

So here's the third day of OzineFest 2014! Lesson learned last Friday was to not be an early bird since they'll open the gate at 12NN! We also bought all of our tickets during Day 1, we gathered all of our money to accumulate an amount of 11 tickets so that it'll be less hassle today! We were almost broke because we thought the ticket price was 120PhP but it was raised to 150PhP! Don't know why it was that expensive and then here comes the cheap ticket made of ridiculously weak thin paper which can easily be tampered or destroyed. As expected, there were more people today compared to the other days which is nothing new for the cosplay community. The venue was overly congested, you can barely walk without bumping to other people! Glad they did something to solve this problem which you will find out as you continue reading below! We've got you better and more photos that we promised! Scroll down and check them now! :D

Photography by Kiwi and Sabin
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

Since there were too much people who went to the event ergo they decided to rent another hall for the cosplayers to stay in! The convention was much more organized compared to the last 2 days, and it was definitely more capacious since they opened another hall! The second hall has no shopping booths and other advertising standees that could occupy space! It was meant for the cosplayers staying outside the hall because they preferred the outside which has less people and has more space. Ozine Fest must have earned a lot of money from adding 30PhP from the original ticket price and now they're trying to give back or compensate because of negative feedbacks they're getting. :))
Took several group photos before we left, we're just seizing the time that we're with each other! We even took a jump shot since there was a huge space during that time! Why did we not took a jump shot during our beach party? Toinks! Hahaha! It was a great move to open another hall, space and comfort are essentials to keep a living thing do whatever that can bring pleasure or enjoyment. We can say that we enjoyed the event despite of the poor management and irritating guards earlier! Probably bittersweet? It was not that bad if you're already holding a ticket on the day itself because there will be no falling in line for so long! Hahaha! See you on the next cosplay convention!