Saturday, June 15, 2013

ToyCon 2013

Philippine Toys, Hobbies,and Collectibles Convention having their 12th anniversary! No one would miss the event because it will run for three days! ToyCon is one of the most visited cosplay conventions here in the PH. It is very inconceivable that lines for buying entrance tickets doesn't stop at all, the event wasn't that spacious for a huge number of con goers though. If you are a cosplayer, make sure your make-up is sweatproof because you know how hot it is here in PH. Can't afford exorbitant prices of waterproof make-up? You should stay in a very cold place then and don't move a lot! One thing that you should never forget doing in a cosplay convention is shopping! It's your chance to buy something you've been wanting to buy from the internet and get big discounts! Join our adventure in ToyCon and enjoy the successive photos below! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

Group photos taken by Renz's little sister! Thank you so much Lotte

Wandering around the convention! You'll see a lot of cosplayers and booths! If you're hungry, don't worry! There's a fast food chain inside the event! :D
Automatically thought of Kren when we saw this Conan figure! xD
Coco and Meili! The sexy villain sisters! 
Jerry Polence's beauty is very noticeable! 
Fashionista cosplayer Jillian visited ToyCon too! :D

You can't stand all day wandering around the convention. Seat and rest! xD

Hello PH Queen of cosplay Alodia! It was so hard to capture these photos because Kiwi was raising the camera to try to get good pictures but he can't see what he's taking picture of. So happy some shots looked stupendous! :D

Cosplay battle face off begins! All eyes and lenses on you! Hahaha! xD
One of the most awesome male cosplayers of PH! Say hi to Nico! :D
Who doesn't want to play with the two of them? x3
Going to a cosplay convention requires bravery, you have to be ready of what might happen. Stay calm if someone accidentally stepped on you or hurt you. You should stay positively happy and enjoy the event like a kid playing toys.