Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mystery Manila Challenge

Looking for something fresh and exciting? Wait no more because the first live escape room game in the Philippines has officially opened just this month! They believe in challenging people, challenging them to experience new things, to look for creative solutions to difficult problems, to broaden their imagination. They do this by immersing people in engaging and elaborate mysteries. Asking them to solve it with friends because it’s more fun tackling a problem together. Not all times will people get to solve the mysteries, but that's okay because the process of solving is as important as the solution itself. Please welcome, Mystery Manila! We were lucky enough to grab an invite from them before their opening and they're too generous for letting us experience their two available mystery rooms! Their location is across Eastwood City (E Rodriguez Jr. Ave or C5) in the Libis area of Quezon City which is quite far from us but we still managed to be there on time! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

1 room, 1 mystery, 1 hour and 1 way out, can you solve it? There are 2 mystery rooms available, The Chained Chamber and Justice for Jamila. Both games started at the same time for us! Time and critical thinking are prominent keys to solve the mysteries! Your team needs cooperation to be able to find clues and connect them together. If your team can finish the challenge in a measly amount of time, your team will earn a record display in their mystery leaderboard plus your team will get a Mystery Manila shirts if you were able to solve the mystery challenge within 30 minutes! :D

The Chained Chamber
You and your friends are given 1 hour to escape the Chained Chamber devised by a psychopathic serial killer. Your group must make use of the riddles, puzzles and clues around to escape this deadly room. If your group fails to escape, you will be left for dead and stuck permanently inside the room. The choice is yours.

The Chained Chamber is more of getting the clues and using them to unlock the numbers that you need for the combination locks. We can't really unfold much of the deep details because that would spoil the game. You will get inside the room blindfolded and one of your hands will be handcuffed together with your friend's! There's also an intensifying background music just for you to feel the vibes that you're trapped in a room just like in the Saw movies! There are clues around you but these clues are not evident, you still need to connect the clues to get the combinations!

Justice for Jamila
Jamila Torres is the best private investigator in Manila. When she was about to solve the case for her employer, Mr. Castillo, she was murdered in her office by someone unknown. Now, it is up to you to follow the clues that Jamila left to solve this mystery within 1 hour.

Justice for Jamila is a complete different story from The Chained Chamber. If you're more into detective stuffs then this is the game for you! You must obtain Sherlock Holmes' investigation skills in order to give justice for Jamila. Just kidding, all you need is to trust your instincts! Use your heart and your brain to figure your way out! It's like a crime scene and clues are covert. Feel free to share what's on your mind because that might help solving the riddles. Clues might seem nothing because it's hidden but it's actually something you need. If your mind can no longer withstand the puzzling riddles, you can ask for clues from the game keeper but that would deduct the time that you still own.
We almost failed the challenge but we were able to finish the thrilling games within an hour! Phew! We solved the mysteries and survived the trapped-in-a-room experience! They served us cold beverages right after our intense challenge which came absolutely right in time! We only got Mystery Manila stickers because we finished the games for more than 50 minutes, but hooray for prizes and great souvenir! We enjoyed solving the mysteries and we utterly had a great time! Thank you Mystery Manila for the euphoric experience that your awesome games gave us! There will be new mystery rooms available every 3 months and we are looking forward to go back! You absolutely have to try their mystery challenges together with your family or friends! Having more players in your team makes your bill more affordable but their maximum players for a room is 5, if you have 5 people playing in your team then you only have to pay 400PhP per person! Booking for a mystery challenge is open for everyday (including holidays), Mystery Manila is open at 10AM until 9PM! If you're interested to play and solve their mystery games then feel free to book now! :D

Saturday, May 24, 2014

All About Random Haul

Just sharing some random stuffs that we got throughout this summer! Cosmetics and chocolates will be the highlight of this haul in case you are wondering! No deep product reviews going on, just a list of the things that we got and little details about it. If you want a more detailed review about something, just comment below and let us know!  :)

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS

A girl can never get enough pairs of fake lashes, particularly Asians! We bought several pairs of lashes because we needed it for Ozine Fest and these three are just extras! These are very affordable, only 10PhP for each pair! :D

Recently ran out of foundation and we got this stick foundation of Ever Bilena for replacement! :D

Wanted to try a liquid liner because we never really tried one since we're pencil users! Shawill eyeliner is immensely waterproof! We used it on our mermaid shoot when we hit the beach and it didn't rub off with the salt water! :D

Got this awesome palette from Carmen Claire Cosmetics during the Say Lash Curler Launch! :D

Another thing from the launch of Say Lash Curler! This brush set from Beauty Cosmetics was one of the grand prize from the raffle! We never really had a brush set before, we only use the free brushes from the palette or package of makeup! We've been wanting to get a brush set because there are brushes that can do magical effects! :D

Sweetness overload! These are just a dollar and few cents each from Duty Free! :3

The sweetness doesn't stop from the chocolates! The girls made some pink oreo cheesecakes last night! They're more like cupcakes because they're petite sized! We have an Oreo cheesecake recipe, go check it if you're interested! :D
Yup, we're only wearing random tees! Nothing so fancy with the tremendous heat going on with our country! Some of us are already going to college because of the early schedule, specifically in DLSU and CSB. It's so hard to go out because summer is still burning, you'll get really oily, sticky and whatnot! Your hanky or towel will get soaked with your sweat by the time you're home! Lucky for those staying at home all day and just chilling with their electric fan or aircon! Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this random haul! Thank you for reading and we'll see you on our next adventure! ;D

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bloggers United 7 Summer Fair

What a late decision to join the summer fair of Bloggers United and it's our first time to attend! Bloggers United annually holds a bazaar with tons of top beauty and style bloggers participating it! This year is the 7th interactive shopping affair by BU and they had a great partnership with Sunsilk! The entrance was only a hundred pesos or you could get in for free if you bring a pink bottle of Sunsilk shampoo! BU bazaar took place in Metrotent and we actually expected the tent to be jampacked because a lot of blog readers would definitely grab this chance to meet their favorite bloggers but it wasn't thronged at all! You can still breathe and walk like you're in a runway unlike the congested cosplay events we usually experience! Anyways, you may now start scrolling down to check the happenings in the summer fair! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 700D
Inside the tent was jammed with awesome stuffs up for grab! All the girls went crazy over the garments of Enciso sisters and it went out of stock in no time! There were free services inside like manicure, pedicure and a beauty salon! You can also enjoy the photobooth and free instax photo! Giveaways and games were hosted by Bloggers United, they're actually giving an instax camera for one lucky winner! The top bloggers were absolutelly kind and friendly, they granted photos for each of their avid readers! Kryzzzie even pitched to attend the bazaar despite of her unwellness! We had a wonderful time shopping and meeting awesome bloggers! Hoping to attend the 8th Bloggers United next year! :D