Saturday, July 27, 2013

What to do in bad Weather

Have you ever experienced having your plans cancelled because of severe stormy weather? We're supposed to eat at Zark's Burgers but the strong storm hindered us from eating too much today. We've converged in Erah's place and we can no longer continue our plan. Even if you're trapped inside your house you can still do something fun to keep you sane! Who can withstand doing nothing and be bored all day? Seize the day by doing what you want! :D

Photography by Kiwi, Lanz and Lotte
Cameras used were Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy S2
If reading is your thing, thereby go grab a book or manga to read! You can also visit your favorite blogs and websites! Who's not into console games? It's more convenient now because they're portable and handy! There are different kinds of card games therefore you can choose what you really want to play! :D
Always make sure that food and drinks are present! You don't know if the heavy rain will bring flood to your town and will keep you stranded for days! xD

Not a fan of reading? Watch a movie! The clouds are crying and you're also affected because you can't go out and continue your outdoor adventure thus watch an animated comedy film to set your mood and cheer you up! :D

Jeni also made an oreo topfencreme tortchen (cheese cake in Germany) before going to an indoor party whilst it's raining hard outside! Haha! xD
Do what you enjoy doing and it will always bring so much fun! :D
What do you do when you're stranded inside your house?

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tasty Dumplings' Taste

We had a very happy morning by having a brunch at Tasty Dumplings! We've been planning to eat there for a month! Stef was supposed to be with us but someone else impeded her from going. This is the latest branch of Tasty Dumplings located in Ongpin of Binondo, Manila. The resto isn't big enough but they have enough seats for their customers. They also have three aircons therefore no worries for those who want to escape PH's heat. Hahaha! xD

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

Our orders were served 10 minutes after we ordered. Once you enter the house, a waiter or waitress will immediately look up to you and give you their menu plus ask for your order. After choosing what to order they will get back to you as fast as they can to serve you a free soup! Free soup for everybody! xD

Their ice tea wasn't fulfilling and more expensive compared to Sushi Yum's giant red ice tea worth 30PHP. One thing that you should never forget to try in Tasty Dumplings is their giant pork chop, it's more satisfying compared to the other rice meals. Their marinated spare ribs is very tender and juicy. If you want to know the prices of what we ate, check the menu photos above! :D
It's very noticeable that we're being food junkies! Next blog post will also be another resto review! Hahaha! Comment below and share us some restaurants and fast food that you would love us to try next or soon! Thank you so much!