Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Summer Shanghai Tour Travel

Hey guys! This is Kiwi! The day after we went to Club Manila East, I went to Shanghai, China. It's actually a study tour package. The main reason why I wanted to go there was to escape PH's heat. Shanghai has a very cold weather. Seeing The Bund is another reason why I wanted to visit Shanghai. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Shanghai and the whole China. I'll tour you at Shanghai by sharing pictures! This blog post has the most number of pictures ever, it has 353 pictures! Hahaha! xD

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
These plants look like giant pineapples! So cute! Hahaha! xD
The very famous hot dogs of China! It has an edible plastic rolled on the meat!

Chinese caligraphy class! :D

Free time! :D

Shopping day at Ren ming guang chang, Nanjing road and Cheng Hua Miao! It was a very cold day that I can see my breath coming from my mouth! :D
The cold weather is making moist on camera's lens! Huhuhu. >.<

Happy birthday Anna! Thank you so much for the pizzas! :D

You should also visit Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Science & Technology Museum! Shanghai Museum has no entrance fee! Woohoo! :D
Who doesn't love panda stuffs? It's everywhere at Shanghai! :D

We have free times but it's very limited so enjoy it while it lasts! xD
Sweet green pea flavored ice cream! Not bad and it's only 1.5RMB! :D

Pearl Tower and boat riding to see the very beautiful The Bund! :D
Tried using panorama effect but it doesn't work properly. >.<
The sugar coated fruit! The boys hated the taste of it! Hahaha! >.<
Happy Lemon drinks in China are more cheaper compared to PH! >.<
He's shaving while driving! Pretty awesome! Hahahahahaha! xD
The forest themed restaurant! First to fourth dishes were all veggies! We thought that there would be no meat to eat! Hahaha! xD

Regular food and classes are back! xD

We went to Shanghai Museum again! Had to escape from boredom that's why we went to Ren ming guang chang to eat something! Hahaha! xD

Who would like to miss eating a xiao long bao? Here's my tip on eating a xiao long bao. First make sure you have a very clean dish. Second, wait for it to be not so hot to burn your tongue. Then open a small hole using your incisor (front teeth) and drink the soup inside it. In case the soup fell down the dish, you may drink it because the dish is clean! Yay! Enjoy eating! Hahaha! x3

Favorite places in Shanghai? The Bund, Nanjing Road and Cheng hua miao! 
Hundreds of people line up for their dumplings and xiao long bao everyday! So lucky to try their delicious dumplings! It's so worth the wait! :D

Art classes and sneak out! xD
It says that the H7N9 also known as the bird's flu is nothing to be afraid of. You can eat chicken and eggs as long as it's cooked properly. :3

Hotel partying! The reason why we got close to each other! xD
Online shopping on Taobao! Using Olivia's account! xD

We also went to Hangzhou, a small province near Shanghai. :D
Bird flu madness and first time to see a squirrel! It's so cute! :D

And we're back in Shanghai to sneak out and shop! Hahaha! xD
Amazing promo of Nike in Nanjing Road! You only have to try their shoes to use the machine! Wear them and no need to buy to get one coupon! :D

This is Olivia, our very close friend in Shanghai. She's like our big sister and she's very fun to be with! We're gonna miss her so much! 

Always remember that when you travel, make sure you're getting enough sleep! Because you'll be needing a lot of energy to walk and explore the city. :D
We'll see you in Nanjing! Bye!