Friday, September 26, 2014

Chowking Happy Pao

The Happy Pao of Chowking is finally out! Who wouldn't want to try these cute creations of Chowking? There are only two designs and flavors. One is the panda pao which has chocolate inside it and the other one is piggy pao which has asado pork. Solo price is 39php! If you want a drink, just add 10php! The siopao is packaged with a cute red box. If you want to purchase more than two Happy Paos, there's a bigger box that can carry up to 3 Happy Paos for only 117php! Nope, you didn't save any penny! You just got a bigger box! Haha! Probably the perfect snack that can lift anyone's day and make anyone smile! Scroll down to read more about its taste and texture plus our thoughts and tips!

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS
Let's talk about the Happy Pao's taste and texture! Let's start with the piggy pao! The piggy pao is infused with tiny chunks of pork meat and some flakes as well. It also has asado sauce to keep it moisturized. The taste is between sweet and salty, just like a regular asado meal. It's better to consume it while it is still hot or warm! :3
Let's now move on to the panda pao! The panda pao is what your sweet tooth craves! It can be eaten hot or cold since the content of the siopao is chocolate. The chocolate reminds us of the Choko-choko chocolate sticks! It may not be exactly the same but it is quite similar. The kids or chocolate lovers will definitely love this sweet treat! :D
Wondering why they don't have bola-bola flavor! Hope they would release more flavors with adorable animal design soon! Have you tried both of Chowking's Happy Paos yet? Go ahead and try them with your family and friends! :D

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

CSB Comedy Concert

Here are some photos from the Comedy Concert entitled "Sing Your Heart Out!" in College of Saint Benilde! The concert was extremely exciting because it was free and it offers laughter! They also invited awesome guests like Ayie, Mac Diva, Josa Mystica and Lady Gagita! The show promotes the Students Involvement Week! The comedy show was supposed to run last September 22 but the date was rescheduled for some reason. Probably because of storm Mario which caused flood during the weekend. Anyhow, we just wanted to share these photos to you guys! Enjoy! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS
There were surprise guests like Anica Ordan and some basketball players of the school. The bomb diggity part was the Frozen or "Let It Go" performance by Lady Gagita! There were special effects happening with the help of the LCD screen! Plus the quick change of costume was the bomb! Hahaha! You can watch the performance on Lady Gagita's Youtube channel! Another awesome performance was Ayie doing a lip-sync of "You're Gonna Love Me" with a twist! Tried to capture as many photos but the battery was running low! That's it for this random post, see you on the next one! :D

Friday, September 12, 2014

Black and White

Just an obligatory shoot for an assignment in photography class! This is somewhat an impromptu pictorial since we didn't decide what to wear, what hair and whatnot. Too much "what" in the last sentence! Haha! After almost 2 years of blogging, we finally got the chance to attend a photography class since 3 out of 10taku are multimedia art students. Although there's nothing really discussed yet, we're already familiar with the basics of the camera. :)

Model: Bianca
Photography: Kiwi
Camera: Canon EOS 60D
Trying to improve our photography skills for the blog so we could pursue posting style and OOTD entries! It is extremely hard for us to come out of our shell since we're not really into modelling and being fabulous. Plus we don't have enough clothes to choose from and use! But we will try our best to shoot and share outfit post once in a while! Especially now that most of us have no classes every Friday, we got time to do dramatic makeup and stupendous shoot! :D

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kawaii In Manila 2

It's finally Kawaii in Manila 2! The long wait is over for the first kawaii convention in the Philippines! In case you're confused why it's called first and yet there's 2 in the end of the event name, it's because Kawaii in Manila was the first kawaii event launched here and they are already having their 2nd chapter this year. We're not really sure if there are other kawaii events here, Kawaii In Manila is probably the only one. Correct us if we're wrong though! The event happened in Whitespace Manila, Makati City which had the ample amount of space to cater all the cuteness. The ticketing line wasn't long but we really didn't need to purchase since we won 2 early bird tickets from Hodge Podge's giveaway! Enough of this intro before it gets too long, more details will appear as you scroll down! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS
Upon entering the kawaii paradise, first thing we did was making our tummy happy. We probably arrived in the event by noon which means it's lunch time! After having our meals, we started wandering inside. There was an art gallery which had the most spacious area since most people were shopping. We stumbled upon Chichi aka Little Miss Paintbrush and saw her artwork in the gallery. Her artwork is immensely enthralling! It was like an underwater wonder or treasure that she interpretted through kawaii style. Art doesn't end from the gallery, there was a live art painting happening on stage. Too bad we missed her name, she painted a girl wearing a sakura kimono and a cute sugary headpiece. :D

Fan of fashion? Then the kawaii fashion show will surely make you ecstatic! Collections of four different designers were flaunted and showcased. Dolly Kaye opened the fashion show with a fairy and dolly styled outfits. Forestale made the crowd go crazy by showcasing cute couple-like models wearing mori kei fashion. Going on to hime fashion by La Princesse Doll which has patterns of pastels and flowers. For the finale, no other than Dorotee Sweetlips! A mysterious music suddenly changed the atmosphere during this lolita runway. A performance of a kawaii group followed after the fashion show and prize raffle. The audience became more active during the magnificent moment. :D

We totally had an amazing time during this euphoric event! We met a lot of awesome people like Rainbowholic, Dolldelight, Tricia Gosingtian and more to mention! Thoroughly thankful to team instax for capturing all our memorable moments in KIM2! They were super friendly and they took about 5 instax photos of us! Thanks again to Hodge Podge for the tickets plus kawaii goodies and sorry if we were too shy to say hi! The Hodge Podge booth was immensely busy with endless customers, we preferred not to disturb. We wanted to wait for Tricia G before leaving the kawaii paradise. She attended Kawaii in Manila 2 to support her friend Kaila aka Rainbowholic! Of course we had to take instax pictures together with Tricia! Huge thanks and congratulations to the team of KIM2 and Kawaii PH! The event was like a blank canvass painted and turned into a colorful carnival. Stay kawaii and see you on KIM3! ♥