Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Super Late Intro

Hey guys! Finally! We're going to introduce ourselves! We don't really have an official introduction here in our blog because we have no idea what to post back then. This is more like a college intro since we're going to share our schools and courses! Can you believe we're already college students? We were just high school students back in 2012 and 2013 blog posts! Time really flies too fast! But it's okay, college is just a new beginning. A beginning of new adventure! :D
Adrian Justin Uy
Birth date: October 14, 1997
Names you can call me: AJ
School: Mapua Institute of Technology
Course: Chemical and Chemistry Engineering
Instagram: aj_uy
Twitter: AJ_Uy

Clarence Chua
Birth date: November 8, 1997
Names you can call me: Clarence
School: De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
Course: Animation

Kerwin Pua
Birth date: March 13, 1996
Names you can call me: Kerwin or Kiwi
School: De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
Course: Multimedia Arts
Instragram: kiwi4ev3r
Twitter: kiwi4ev3r

Lance Sy
Birth date: September 2, 1997
Names you can call me: Lance or LJ
School: De La Salle University
Course: Philosophy
Instagram: ljlsy
Twitter: CallMePus

Sabin Palo
Birth date: August 11, 1997
Names you can call me: Sabin or Sab
School: Technological University of the Philippines
Course: Civil Engineering
Instagram: sabinbp
Twitter: Sabs_Spank

Bianca Tan
Birth date: April 17, 1997
Names you can call me: Bianca or Bia
School: De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde
Course: Multimedia Arts
Instagram: biancatanxo
Twitter: biancatanxo

Jasmine Legarde
Birth date: April 11, 1997
Names you can call me: Legs
School: Mapua Institute of Technology
Course: Chemical Engineering

Jennifer Chan
Birth date: April 26, 1998
Names you can call me: Jennifer or Jen
School: Mapua Institute of Technology
Course: Multimedia Arts
Instagram: taku_sama

Karren Chua
Birth date: April 7, 1997
Names you can call me: Karren or Kars
Currently taking fourth year of high school through Tesda.
Will definitely update this post upon entering college next year!

Lhera Sauro
Birth date: October 2, 1997
Names you can call me: Lhera or Lhers
School: Chiang Kai Shek College
Course: Accountancy
Instagram: myinfinitelove143
Twitter: lhera143

Apparently half of us are artist and half of us are mathematicians/engineers! College might separate our group because of different schools and schedules but we will still keep in touch and make more memories. And we hope you would also do the same by always reading our blog and joining our adventures! If you want to know more about us, just ask us your questions through commenting below! We will definitely reply as soon as we can! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Terms in College

As promised, here is the blog post about words in college that are new for us. These words actually aren't new, they're just not used in high school that's why they are new to us. Just like the last post, this will just be a short list. :)

1. Block
This is what you call your section or your class. People will be asking what block you belong and we hope you don't mistaken it as a Lego block. :))

2. Blockmate
What do you call your classmates now if a class in college is called block? Swear this really will confuse you during the first week.

3. Professor
This might be familiar already. As Google defined, a professor is a teacher of the highest rank in a college or university. :D

4. Term
Remember first to fourth quarter of high school? Term is the new term for it now! Allow us to introduce you academic term of college! :)

5. Finals
One of the most crucial part of college. For sure you've heard of hell week. Finals is the last week of a term wherein you'll take your final exams.

6. Frosh
You were a freshman, sophomore, junior and senior in high school. Guess what, you will repeat it again in college. Frosh means a college freshman.

7. Plates
This isn't a dining utensil that you use to place your food. If you're an art student then you probably know what this thing is. Hahaha! xD

8. Happy Thursday
We were all innocent back in high school right? Well, most of us! Haha! In college, students tend to start clubbing or partying. Why Thursday? It's because most college students don't have a Friday class therefore they could party all night of Thursday.

That's all of the words that we've just recently heard in college. If you know more words that should also be here then feel free to include them by posting a comment below! Thanks for reading and we'll see you on our next post! :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

College Essentials For Frosh

As you may have already know, we're all attending college now! We're a bunch of frosh students from different colleges! If you're also a freshman student and has no idea of what to bring to college then here will be a list of what you will be needing! These are some tips shared by friendly professors and old students in college! We're just resharing! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS
1. Index cards
Grab all the sizes available because you never know what size will be asked by your teacher. Some teachers use index cards as recording cards. They keep track of your grades by listing it in a piece of index card.

2. 1x1 ID photo
Yup, be sure to have your photos printed before going to college! Your teacher will be asking for your photo because they need it attached on your index card. Some professors have too much students to know them each by name.

3. Ballpoint pen or pencil
Grab anything that could write. Your teacher will probably talk about the grading system, requirements and whatnot during the first or second day. You need to bring something that could help you document all your teacher's words.

4. Notebook
Where would you write and list your requirements? You need a paper where you could write on. Unless if gadgets are allowed, then you may skip this necessity. Use your cellphone or tablet! Let's get digital! :D

5. Yellow paper
Remember all the intermediate paper you used to have back in high school? You will no longer see them again. Yellow pad is your new study buddy. Your homeworks, seatworks and quizzes will be written in a yellow paper.

6. Umbrella
Of all the things you need, this is something you should never forget! You can ask your responsible classmates for paper or index card but not an umbrella! Our weather is either sunny or rainy! Umbrella is a must in our country!

Disclaimer, this list only subjects to Philippines since this was based on our experience. We are not knowledgeable of college necessities in other countries. If we have missed something that should be listed here, please be sure to inform us by commenting below! Thank you for reading! Be sure to check our next post, it'll be all about new terms in college! :D

Monday, July 14, 2014

Krispy Kreme For Seventy Seven

Immediately converged in Lucky Chinatown Mall right after school just to grab a box of Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts! In celebration of Krispy Kreme's 77th birthday, they are offering a half dozen of original glazed doughnuts for 77 Pesos! One can only purchase up to 2 boxes of half dozen doughnuts or 12 pieces of their original glazed! The promo is only valid for one day! In order to avail this promo, you must present a print screen of their voucher shared on your fb, twitter or instagram account. Waited in queue for about 4 hours just to avail the promo! Fortunately we have each other to keep ourselves sane. We also bumped to some of our high school friends whilst waiting in line! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS
They gave us a measly paper stub to limit the people that they can only cater. Upon reaching the cashier, they gave us a free chilling refreshment to compensate the time and energy that we lost. The service was pretty sedate, they accommodated each customers in an unhurried manner. We still lined up notwithstanding the tedious hours of standing since we're cheapskates! We also participated the same promo last year when Krispy Kreme's store in LCM was still a small booth. The doughnuts went out of stock so they listed each of our names and told us to be back the next day. By the way, all of us are officially attending college! Except for Karren though because she stopped during our 3rd year of high school, but no worries since she's only delayed for a year! First day of college starts today for Mapuan freshmen! What a stormy week to begin college! Always have your umbrellas ready! Please stay safe and dry! :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

KFC Breakfast Buffet

What you're reading is legit! KFC is currently offering a breakfast buffet for 199PhP! The promo is only available every weekend morning of July! Buffet hours run from 7:30AM to 10AM! The only problem is the location, not all branches will participate this exciting promo! The nearest branch for us is KFC Vito Cruz. We went to KFC in University Mall and nearby Harrison Plaza days before our buffet trip, just to confirm whether they'll have the promo since both branches are just along Vito Cruz. We also bought buffet tickets earlier so that the day per se will be hassle-free. KFC Vito Cruz is located at Makati! Imagine if we didn't bother to check first, we could have ended utterly woebegone because we have to travel from one branch to another. Enough of the silly rant and let's go ahead to our fun food trip! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

As we reached the second floor of the KFC where they held the buffet, we did not expect a lot of morning people because we actually arrived there early at 8AM. The place was not totally jam-packed, but there were just enough early birds to occupy the space of the second floor. Therefore we had no other choice but to have our seats in the first floor. It was kind of a bummer since we had to go up and down if we decide to go back for more food. x3

There were more food than what we expected! Chicken fillets and hash browns were also available although they were not seen in the promo flyer! Our top three favorite would have to be the egg, chicken and pancake! The scrambled egg was immensely creamy in consistency! The egg was just half-cooked and mayonnaise was added to make it more delectable. The chicken fillet was basically the same with their Flavor Shots Meal. The pancake was absolute bombdiggity! It already has chocolate infused in it but you can still choose to add more syrup if you want to! :D
The breakfast buffet is priced 199PhP for adults and 99PhP for kids! Beverage is not yet included here, you need to add an additional of 30PhP for drinks all-you-can! Available drinks were coffee, orange juice and apple juice. Drinking too much can make you full instantly, we suggest you to ask for free water in lieu of wasting money for few sips! We will also add a photo of the promo flyer below just to keep you informed with the following branches that caters the buffet. The buffet was very interesting to try because KFC is not really known for breakfast meals. We presume that they are having this promo to introduce their morning meals to the mass! Don't forget to try this promo before this month ends! It's seriously worth the try and money! So we'll see you on our next food trip then! Thanks for reading! :D