Friday, September 28, 2012

Vampy Family

Vampy family photoshoot for Halloween! It's our sem break and we decided to do this for Halloween 2012! Erah brought the wrong camera lens! The lens was super zoomed that we have to be in the other side of the room to take pictures. Make-up was inspired by Michelle Phan's Seductive Vampire

Make-up by Kiwi
Photography by Kiwi and Ajay
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

Stef and Kren too excited to take pictures! >.<

Dark vampire fashion! >:D
Wig from Shanna Palileo

DAL doll from Pullip Style
BOF necklace from Saiya Couture
Phantom Quartz ring from Crystal Empress

Love this fierce look of Stef! ;)

Ajay looks so scary! >.<

Bad vampire is his normal look. Haha! xD

Ring from Penshoppe
BUM hoodie from Renz
Scarf from Kit Thompson

Love this cute but broken ball-jointed doll from Pullip Style

More photos? Here you go! :D

Some BTS photos! Haha! xD

The sun finally went down..
  ..and the real vampire came! >;)
 Kiwi did Jeni's make-up in less than 20 mins
because we need to go home already. >.<
Thank you so much for reading! Have a happy Halloween! :D

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Best of Anime 2012

Hello! This is our first blog and we'll share how our group was founded here! :3
Our group was founded last Sept. 10, 2012. We're all classmates but we're not close to each other. There are lots of Anime addicts in our classroom that's why the cosplay event Best of Anime is a trend and we decided to go as a group.
We wanted to go at BOA with costrip and cosplay outfits. We got 1 week to prepare for the event. And the day has finally come! :D

Make-up by Kiwi
Photography by Kiwi and Ajay
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

Some of us are not yet done with our hair and make-up! Haha! >.<

Here are few cool stuffs that we saw! Alodia's Pocky ad poster is so cute! :3

Outfit for the event! :D
Troll ring and light stick necklace from Kiwi

Dana as Misty of Pokemon! Cute! :3
Togepi stuffed toy from Toyzavenue Ko To

Stef in her Kpop outfit! :D
Hair and styling by Stef

Richelle and her cool outfit! Love her boots! Scroll down more to see it! :D
Hat from Chikara Hats

Richly the guy with braces! xD
Chikara hat from Renz
Ring from Ajay

Ajay as Reborn of Hitman Reborn! So cute! Made the hat before the event. >.<
Sideburns by Kiwi

Lanz and his red outfit! :D
Mario hat from Stef

Group photo! Yay! 

Decided to remove Dana's wig because it keeps on falling. >.<

Went out of SMX and went to MOA to grab some food and play billiards. x3

Love this gothic lolita look! 
Cyan wig from Pinku Pirates
Head bow and dress from Dorotee Sweetlips

Togepi wants to play billiard! Haha! xD

Shorts, knee-length socks and boots are perfect combo! 

Kiwi as Cosmo of Fairly Odd Parents! So cool! :D
Neon green wig from Yan Meg
Crown, wand and wings by Kiwi

Kren and her leopard kitty outfit! :3
Headband from Chikara Hats

Neon colors are hot trends in fashion!

Super awesome cosplayers that we met! :D
Ripped jeans are hot! 

Jeni with Justine Chantelle the owner of Dorotee Sweetlips

Guess who!? 

PH's queen of cosplay, Alodia Gosiengfiao for Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass
 We really had so much fun! We got so much closer to each other and we became a group! Thank you for reading our first ever blog!