Friday, December 28, 2012

Chilling in Cold

We went to Lucky Chinatown Mall to watch a movie! We watched Sisterakas of Vice Ganda, Aiai and Kris Aquino! It's the funniest movie ever! The combination of Vice Ganda and Aiai is the best! Haha! Then we went to Stef's house because we haven't met her for weeks! 

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was iPod Touch 4th Gen

We've also tried Rainbow Snow's coolers! :D

Went to 7/11 to chillax! 

Erah's favorite snack! She just loves sweets so much! 
And she buys cake even if there's no occasion! xD

Such a cute kiddie and bottle cap! 

End the year with blue! 
Outer top from Penshoppe
Shoes from Nike

We decided to go back at LCM to dance at Quantum! Haha! xD
Happy new year everyone and thank you for 2000 views in 7 days! 
What did you do on your Christmas break? :D

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red Christmas

We went red for our performance in our school! You can never go wrong with red! It's hot but it's also the color of Christmas! 

Hair by Stef
Make-up by Kiwi
Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was iPod Touch 4th Gen
Bracelets from Girl's Haven

Hair ribbon from Jenica Ong

Head bow from Dorotee Sweetlips
Bottle cap necklace from Hodge Podge

Hello other groups! 

Group photos from Candy Chua using Canon EOS 60D
Merry Christmas to all of you! 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beautiful Lightning

After watching the Chinese singing contest in our school, we went straight to Kiwi's house to have some fun. We went swimming and feel the fresh air. So lucky to see the awesome lightning! We've never seen something like this in our whole life! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was iPod Touch 4th Gen

Hey honey bee! 

Having so much fun while swimming! :D

Red sunset! 

The amazing lightning! It has no scary sound and the light comes out once in a while so you should really be aware to take a good picture of it! 
We're so amazed by the view!