Saturday, September 28, 2013

Don't Dump Dunkin' Donuts

Don't drop that thun thun thun! Don't dump Dunkin' Donuts! What we're trying to say here is that you've prolly forgotten about DD because of other popular brands which others are purchasing and posting photos of it on instagram thus you're joining the bandwagon. Well, you're missing a whole lot! ;)
Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon SX50 HS

Dunkin' Donuts presumably has the cheapest donuts with such delicate taste! Regular donuts only cost 20PHP, special donuts cost 35PHP (Just like the donut with blueberry syrup above.), sandwiches cost 50PHP and a cup of coffee for 35PHP! They have affordable prices and it's really pocket friendly! 

Plus their place is really cozy for their customers to enjoy! This branch is located at Lucky Chinatown Mall. We're actually supposed to watch Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week at Robinsons Place but the traffic was such an impediment! We converged at Lucky Chinatown Mall and concluded not to witness the show anymore since we're not gonna make it anyway.

One thing that we really love about DD? You can use their WiFi if you purchase a minimum amount of 100PHP! It's really convenient for us to have internet! xD
This is not a sponsored post! We're just sharing our thoughts and unwittingly give free PR! Tell us what's your favorite donut! DD, KK or J.Co? xD

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Collection of Celebrations

Happy best friends day and happy anniversary to our group! National best friends day is actually celebrated every 8th of June but people suddenly keeps on posting photos of them with their best friends with the hashtag #HappyBestFriendsDay on instagram! It's a little quizzical but why not join the bandwagon right? Haha! We're supposed to attend the Best of Anime 2013 at SMX Mall of Asia just like last year but we were not prepared for it so we concluded to suppress our plan. We still have to seize the day of our anniversary by doing something that we really want therefore we went to our favorite Japanese restaurant Sushi Yum! Check out what's new! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used were Canon SX50 HS and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

After eating and goofing around Lucky Chinatown Mall, we were invited to have a chocolate fountain party at Erah's cousin's place! Sweetness overload! xD

Happy best friends day and happy anniversary! Our love and bond as a group leveled up as we've become a family! We treat each other like real brothers and sisters. We may have some misunderstanding just like other relationships but we're trying to resort everything that has to be fixed. Reliving our memories of going out after classes, staying at Kiwi's penthouse playing hide & seek all day, watching the sunset together, gazing at the sky all night, chilling at Lanz's room watching movies all evening, eating and having fun nonstop! Our togetherness was infused with fun, love and trust but now we're falling apart due to some circumstances which is pretty norm for us teenagers to commit. Hopefully we can suppress all of our conflicts and continue our journey as a whole. Let's ensure that our friendship will be forever. "Blood makes you related, but it's love and trust that makes you a family." 

What a bipolar weather day to celebrate the mid-autumn festival or more known as mooncake festival! Initially, it was a sunny day then it rained and it became sunny and then the rain tackled again! We played the dice game, commonly known as "pua tiong chiu"! If you haven't noticed it yet, most of us are Chinese and it's pretty prominent for us to follow our traditional culture. xD

We still managed to have fun despite of the tremendous rain fall! We played soccer and badminton! Didn't bother to get wet cause we're gonna swim later anyway! We know we're gonna catch a cold but it's a little worth it! xD

Did you also played the dice game to celebrate the mooncake festival?
Tell us what you won on the comment section below! Hahaha! xD