Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Manila Day at Manila Zoo

A holiday means a break for many but not for us, a holiday is a vacant day that we want to seize and do something fun! For the 443rd anniversary of our city, we randomly decided to visit Manila Zoo! It has been a long time since we went there and we wanted to relive our kindergarten or grade school field trip! Entrance fee is free for all Manila residents! All you need to present is a valid ID which has your address in it! Manila Zoo wasn't the only place that has opened their door for free! There's a lot of museums too like Museo Pambata, National Museum, Casa Manila Museum and the Lights & Sound Museum! We actually thought of going to Museo Pambata but Manila Zoo was just captivating! We'll probably visit one museum per year during this holiday. First thing you'll notice is that the zoo needs cleaning! The place is almost covered with bird poop and there's a lot of weird insects! You'll feel disgusted by thinking there might be an insect crawling on your body or a bird suddenly let go a poop on your head. On the better side, they have boat rides, shuttle tour and other fun activities for you to try! We will tour you in Manila Zoo by showing these photos! :D

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Canon EOS 60D

You can also hold these birds and a personnel will take a photo of you. It's not free though, there's a 100PhP fee for having your photo taken with the birds. Wouldn't it be fun to interact with these colorful creatures? :D

They also built a huge comfort and wash room in the middle of the zoo. The painting is just awesome which has a female and male in the separated compartments to make it self-explanatory and more apparent.

If the sun is too hot and you don't want to walk, you can opt to ride a shuttle which will tour you in Manila Zoo. It's only 50PhP per head! Since we're on for an adventure and it's not too sunny, we decided to walk and wander instead! :D

After passing through a lot of hefty crocodiles and adorable turtles, here comes the cave-like enclosure of reptile animals. There were more snakes and huge lizards caged inside albeit there's also some cute baby alligators.

Who would miss the only elephant in the Philippines? She was hiding in the shades because the day got sunny by noon.

Happy 40th birthday Maali! We just wish that Manila Zoo could get another or more elephants so that she won't be forever alone. Plus extreme maintenance and cleaning should be done as well! We were supposed to bid farewell to Maali since she just stayed there in the corner for many minutes that we're looking at her and taking photos of her. But by the time we were almost leaving, she went to the other side of her cage and started posing. We took a lot of photos and we even did a tourist shot! We've been acting like tourists throughout the day! Hahaha! The day got sunny by noon and more people were arriving, thus it's time for us to get going. Happy Manila Day to all of you! Hope you enjoyed your holiday! Which museum do you think should we visit next year? Feel free to leave a comment below! :D