Monday, March 25, 2013

Yay Sushi Yum

We founded a new paradise here in Benavidez, Binondo! We finally went to eat at Sushi Yum after talking about it for so long. We went to Sushi Yum to celebrate because all of us got our cards and none of us failed! It was a big miracle for Stef and Renz! Haha! Sushi Yum is obviously a Japanese resto. We've been wanting to eat there because we always see it every time we go to Lanz's house. The design of the resto must've attracted us. The interior design of the resto is very enlighting! It's seems very innocuous and serene. But they have a very small space to cater a lot of customers though. xD

Photography by Kiwi
Camera used was Sony DSC HX30V

Red ice tea was really a big time! We didn't expect that it will be that big! The rice was perfect! It was so soft and sticky to make you get it easier with chopsticks. Their daily Japanese meals actually cost 120PHP before. Their meals are cheaper than Bonchon's yet the serving is more! We ordered 2 sets of Takoyakis! The sauce and mayonaise combi was bad. Jeni is a big fan of takoyakis and for the first time, she ate only 1 out of 18 takoyakis! Hahaha! :D

Stef waiting for her order! We were almost done eating when her order arrived! Hahaha! Right after getting to know the resto, we had documented to visit again soon! Sushi Yum is an ideal eating place yet hangout place! We recommend you to bring a budget of 200PHP to enjoy Sushi Yum's meals, specially if you love to order side dishes. This is the only branch of Sushi Yum in PH we presume because the resto doesn't have neither fanpage nor website.
And the winners of Surprise Domo Giveaway are
Maria Victoria Sia and Yenn Kathleen Teng!
Watch out for more giveaways coming up!
Enjoy your Holy week vacation! 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bershka PH Launch

We would like to thank fiercest Rap Calayag and Ashley Rye for our invites for this event! Bershka is a very popular clothing brand in Europe and now here in Philippines! They just opened a branch at Glorietta 2! It's a MUST to buy their awesome goodies! Back to the event, the grand launch was perfect! They offered snacks and drinks for their guests! They brought here international blogger/DJ Prince Pelayo and Eve Speciall to party with us! There were also some famous bloggers and celebrities who went to shop and party! 

Photography by Kiwi and Dana
Camera used was Sony DSC HX30V

Event highlights! 

The dancers totally rocked the party! They're making us want to dance too! They said that if your position for taking photos is kinda weird, you are an artist. Victor Basa is indeed an awesome photographer. We looked for Divine Lee right after meeting Victor. Too bad she wasn't able to attend. x3

The Magalonas came fashionably late! 
It's actually our first time to attend an opening launch party! We really had a good time! Thank you so much Bershka Philippines